Jeffery Wallace

Title/Occupation: President and CEO, LeadersUp

Bio: Jeffery T.D. Wallace is a keen and innovative strategist with proven success in organizational development, program design, management and evaluation. As the Founding Executive Director and President and CEO of LeadersUp, he is charged with being both a visionary and architect – establishing the strategic framework for LeadersUp to fulfill it’s mission to create employer-led solutions for addressing youth disconnection that yield successful outcomes for both businesses and communities.

Prior to establishing LeadersUp as an emerging 501c3 organization helping to close the talent-divide in the U.S., Jeffery served over four years on the leadership team for one the most influential civil right organizations in the nation. In his role as Senior Program Officer and later as Chief of Staff for the Los Angeles Urban League, he built a Good to Great high performing organizational culture and led the human capital, programmatic architecture and policy agenda of the League’s comprehensive community change initiative in South Los Angeles. His leadership resulted in increased delivery of vital education, public safety, public health and community development services to over 10,000 residents and stakeholders.

Jeffery’s astute ability to construct disruptive social innovations that are impact driven and result oriented allowed him to meet the needs of over 5,000 youth and young adult constituents as Senior Program Director of The Children, Youth and Collegiate Department for Berkeley Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church. As a dedicated community advocate Jeffery continues to lead effective initiatives that are not only process-driven, but people oriented. In 2009, Jeffery became the Western Region Executive Director of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. where he serves a membership base of over 5,000 college educated and professional African American men, spearheads the distribution of over $150,000 in annual scholarships, and help empowers over 2,500 young men through effective leadership development programs.

Jeffery is a native of Richmond, California and proud graduate of the University of California Los Angeles, where he earned both a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Masters of Arts degree in Education. He is also an alumnus of the University of California Berkeley where he received his Masters of Science in Organizational Development.


Title of Talk: The 21st Century Economy Requires Hustle

How does this fit in with our theme: Creating a better South LA requires young adults having access to opportunity and a bold approach towards connecting their brilliance with businesses. Today in Los Angeles there are over 100,000 young adults that are unemployed. A vast majority are people of color and live in communities throughout South LA that have historically been under utilized. Despite not having equal access and facing systemic barriers to employment, these young adults continue to make a way for themselves to survive. This innate ability to persevere outweighs pedigree. It’s called hustle. This idea is about shining a light on the untapped potential within South LA and sharing examples how innovative businesses in need of talent are helping to create stronger local economies by tapping into to this innate hustle.