Malik Yusef

Title/Occupation: Spoken Word Poet/Songwriter/Producer, G.O.O.D. Music/Wordsmyth

Bio: Five-time Grammy winning artist, poet, songwriter and producer Malik Yusef is the Director of Arts and Culture for Hip Hop Caucus. At Hip Hop Caucus, Malik directs organizational and campaign strategies that utilize arts and culture to reach communities and move them to action. He brings his unparalleled relationships across music, fashion, film, television, poetry, and fine arts, and organizes his peers to contribute their talents to culturally progressive agendas. Malik Yusef, the WordSmyth, is an avant-garde spoken word poet—with timely lyrics that address and bring attention to national and global issues. Born and raised in Chicago’s south side amongst a humble and sometimes troubled beginning, Malik rose out of those surroundings to become a 17-time Grammy award-nominee, five-time Grammy award-winner, and six-time ASCAP award-winner for both pop and R&B. Other credits include Emmy, Peabody, and Tony awards. Some of Malik’s early influences include Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, William Shakespeare, Haki Madhubuti, Malcolm X, and Phillis Wheatley.

Title of Talk: Super-Vision

How does this fit in with our theme: I am the epitome of the 20/20 Vision, not the idea log. Not only have I experienced all of those circumstances and some, but I am still an active member in the South LA community.