Paradyse Oakley

Title/Occupation: Bill Sponsor 2015-2016, High School Student

Bio: I’m a 16-year old junior at Lawndale High School, originally from South Los Angeles. I serve as President and Founder of P.O.P.S. (Pain of the Prison System) and Life (ZOE) Club on campus. I partake in Cross Country and Track & Field. I’m currently taking AP US History, AP Language and Composition, and Physics. Those are my favorite subjects. I try to stay aware of current events, and I’m open to new and eager to learn new things. My passions are Health, Prison Reform, Education and being a voice for the youth in South LA. I aspire to become a Criminal Justice Lawyer or Public Servant in the Political arena.

Title of Talk: How to Write a Bill

How does this fit in with our theme: How to Write a Bill, fits into the theme of 20/20 Vision, because the attendees can take the information and create their own bill and take it their Council member and have discussion. If they notice something in their community that they feel has been over looked by their representatives.They will have the power to correct it. You can connect with someone else who has the same problem in their community and support each other as you talk to your representatives.