Tyree Boyd-Pates

Title/Occupation: Professor of Africana Studies, CSU Dominguez Hills

Bio: Tyree Boyd-Pates is a man on a mission. As a Professor of Africana Studies and writer for outlets like Huffington Post Black Voices, Tyree expounds on Black culture from a millennial vantage and mobilizes communities of color through journalism, social media and education.
Recently named Fusion’s Rise Up:Be Heard Fellow, Tyree was the founder of his own radio show, The Corner, an hour-long radio show based in Philadelphia that explored the intersections of Black culture, faith, and politics. Due to his broadcast journalism, he was invited by the White House to cover President Obama in New York City. Tyree Boyd-Pates is a graduate of Temple University with a Master’s degree in Pan-African Studies. He’s also an alum of California State University, Bakersfield, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a minor in African American Studies. When,Tyree is not facilitating engaging conversations or writing, he enjoys reading, writing, volunteering, attending museums, and making videos on Youtube. He also does photography in his free time. Learn more about him on Tyreebp.com and follow him on Twitter.

Title of Talk: The Myth of Black Male Exceptionalism

How does this fit in with our theme: In American society, we have been trained to evaluate Black boys and girls by their ability to succeed against the failures of other Black children. This perception and projection of success creates a paradigm of exceptionalism that only reinforces whiteness, invalidating the potential of the Black child. Through my TEDxTalk, I am interested in debunking the myth that some Black men are more capable than others. By changing the way we see and identify success, I seek to enhance the vision of those who have been trained to judge potential based on a standard of whiteness.