Suresh Jayakar

Title/Occupation: User Experience Designer

Bio:  I was born overseas in India and grew up in the South Bay. I went to college at California State University Long Beach and got a B.S. in Biological Sciences. I discovered my love for design last year and have loved every moment of it. As a User Experience Designer my job is to talk to people, to listen to real problems they have and to use technology to solve their problems. As a User Experience Designer, my job is to show empathy. Empathy is an integral part of what I do. By putting myself in the shoes of others and being able to understand the obstacles and problems that people have, I am able to come up with creative solutions to solve those problems. I believe that only by working together can we solve some of the problems that our communities face today.

Title of Talk:Using design thinking to solve real problems.

How does this fit in with our theme:There are many issues that plague South LA, and these things only seem to be getting worse. As people, the biggest tool in our tool belt is empathy. It shouldn’t take living in South LA to empathize with the issues that people are facing in these neighborhoods. We are all connected, we all have a responsibility to our fellow neighbors: to unite and support them in their fight against social and economic injustices. Empathy is how we tear down the barriers and boundaries that separate and divide us. We need to get creative and innovative if we are going to solve some of the major problems that we are facing today.